Enterprise Vue

Whether you want to accelerate your career or step-up the quality of your craft. Join this immersive online training program for Vue professionals in 2020.

What makes an expert web developer? Is it the number of years you've shown up five-days-a-week, or is it something more?

Experts can demonstrate to employers or clients that they have the knowledge and ability to create high-quality, commercial-grade web applications and manage a build from design through maintenance.

Developers of this caliber work for the most respected companies, get offered career-expanding projects, and command very generous salaries.

If you want to attain expert status, you'll need to master the core enterprise web development skills including full-stack architecture, authentication, testing, and deployment.

In the Enterprise Vue program, you'll fast-track those skills with a Vue.js-based stack and take your career and abilities to a whole new level.

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