Issue #105 - Build a Progressive Web App In VueJs, Creating Custom Directives in Vue.js, VueJS Amsterdam 2019 - The Best Bits, and more

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7 Must-Read Links From This Week

Creating Custom Directives in Vue.js

A directive’s job is to reactively apply side effects to the DOM when the value of its expression changes. This article will show you how to create a wide range of custom directives so that you can apply your programming needs directly to DOM elements.

VueJS Amsterdam 2019 - The Best Bits

Missed the VueJS Amsterdam conference last week? Me too. Here's a nice summary of several talks including those by Evan You, Damian Dulisz, and Jen Looper.

Use Vue to Create a SPA Without any Node Modules

You don't need Node.js to create a Vue.js static single-page application anymore. This tutorial shows you how to accomplish it using native ES6 Modules, allowing you to add build tooling later if you wish.

How to use asyncData to Integrate Contentful into Nuxt

Contentful is a content infrastructure platform which integrates nicely into modern frameworks. This article shows how you can dynamically pull Contentful data into Nuxt.js while still taking advantage of server rendering.

One More Example of Abstract Component in Vue.js

This is a brief tutorial on using abstract components with Vue.js to improve the readability of your templates and simplify your code. Written by Michael Lelyakin.

Vue CLI Router + Vuetify Plugins

A short tutorial about how to correctly combine Vue CLI's router plugin and the Vuetify plugin into one layout, while ensuring each plugin won't overwrite the setting of the other.

Build a Progressive Web App In VueJs

A very thorough tutorial on creating PWAs with Vue. Covers implementation of Service Worker, one of the core technologies that adds an offline-first experience of a native app to a regular web app.


Vue.js Material Component Framework | Vuetify.js

Build stunning applications with the #1 Vue Material framework.

Free Vue.js Crash Course For Beginners

Learn what Vue is, what kind of apps you can build with it, how it compares to React & Angular, and more in this free 30-minute video introduction.

Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 | PACKT Books

This book, written for Laravel developers who want to learn and master Vue, provides a detailed guide to full-stack development with these technologies, emphasizing design principles and best practices.

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