Issue #106 - Class API RFC, Tracing or Debugging Vue.js Reactivity, How to Build Production-Ready Vue Authentication, and more

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7 Must-Read Links From This Week

New Vue.js RFC: Class API

Vue 3 will introduce built-in support for authoring components as native ES2015 classes. An RFC regarding the API has been launched for community consideration.

Vue.js with Constructor Pattern

The constructor design pattern allows you to create multiple object instances which share some common functionalities and are created by the same interface. See how InventiStudio uses this pattern in their Vue apps for better code consistency.

Tracing or Debugging Vue.js Reactivity: The Computed Tree

Vue 3 will provide the ability to trace when and why a component re-render is tracked or triggered. This article talks about what we can do now in Vue 2.x to trace reactivity and tune stray code that might impact performance.

How I Finally Got My Head Around Scoped Slots in Vue

There are elements of the Vue framework that are more sophisticated than others, and take a bit more brainpower to understand. One of these areas is scoped slots. Here's a nice guide to understanding how they work.

How to Test Your Vue Project with Jest and Nightwatch

Testing is a vital part of the development cycle. This article covers the basics of testing Vue components with unit, snapshot, and E2E testing with Jest and Nightwatch.

How to Build Production-Ready Vue Authentication

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a real authentication flow into your Vue application using Vue Router, AWS Amplify & Amazon Cognito.

React Hooks: Has React Jumped the Shark?

React hooks are the most important evolution of the framework since its inception. But are hooks taking React down a path that is no longer true to its original vision?


Vue.js Material Component Framework | Vuetify.js

Build stunning applications with the #1 Vue Material framework.

Free Vue.js Crash Course For Beginners

Learn what Vue is, what kind of apps you can build with it, how it compares to React & Angular, and more in this free 30-minute video introduction.

Full-Stack Vue.js 2 and Laravel 5 | PACKT Books

This book, written for Laravel developers who want to learn and master Vue, provides a detailed guide to full-stack development with these technologies, emphasizing design principles and best practices.

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