Issue #108 - Here’s How to Make AJAX & API Calls with VueJS, Vue 2.6.6 Async Error Handling, Creating a Simple Blog using Vue with Markdown, and more

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Renaming src Folder of a Vue CLI 3 Project

Source files in a Vue CLI 3 project are contained in the folder src. This article discusses whether or not you should change the folder name and how you can do it using the CLI config file.

6 Must-Read Links From This Week

Anyway, Here’s How to Make AJAX & API Calls with VueJS

People are often confused about the best way to do AJAX requests with Vue since Vue is very flexible and leaves the decision up to you. This article compares options including mixins, Vuex actions, components, and more.

Vue 2.6.6 Async Error Handling

This article shows you how to set up Async Error Handling using the new features of Vue 2.6.6, allowing you to easily integrate with error tracking services like Sentry or Bugsnag.

Connection Indicator Using Vue & Vuex

When making a Progressive Web App it’s important to handle an offline event state and notify the user. Learn how to implement this in a SPA using Vue and Vuex.



Customized Vue Training

Accelebrate offers private, customized Vue Training at your site or online for your team of three or more attendees. We work with you to tailor any class to fit your group’s specific goals and needs. All of our courses are hands-on and instructor-led.

Quick & Easy Documentation Generation for Vue.js Components

Did you ever lose oversight over the components of your Vue application? Rather than manually creating documentation, you can use the Vuese library to auto-document your components.

How to Reduce Your Vue.JS Bundle Size With Webpack

Learn how to diagnose oversized Webpack bundles and some effective strategies for reducing bundle size.

Creating a Simple Blog using Vue with Markdown

If you don't want to introduce the complexity of a CMS or VuePress for your blog site, you can make your own Vue blog with markdown processing.


Vue Material Kit | Creative Tim

Vue Material Kit Pro is a beautiful resource built over Vue Material and Vuejs. It contains handpicked and optimised Vuejs plugins. Everything is designed to fit with one another.

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