Issue #113 - Debugging Templates in Vue.js, Testing with Jest and Vue.js Pocket Guide, Transform Any Vue App into a PWA in 5 Mins

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Debugging Templates in Vue.js

Vue DevTools is great for inspecting your app state, but sometimes you might want to debug what's happening in your template and inspect the content of compiled render functions.

Deploying a Vue.js App to Netlify Using GitLab’s CI/CD Pipeline

This article shows you how to set up a continuous integration pipeline from A to Z that runs tests, builds the app, and deploys it to Netlify, all using the GitLab CI/CD pipeline.

Testing your Vue App with Jest and Travis CI

Do you want a cool GitHub badge on your Vue repo displaying your test coverage? This article will teach you to create test specs for a Vue app using Jest, add coverage using Coveralls, and build it all with Travis CI.

Transform any Vue App into an Offline-Ready PWA in 5 Minutes

This brief article will explain how to transform an existing Vue app into a PWA, or set up one from scratch, using either Nuxt, Vue CLI 3, or Workbox CLI.



Join the World’s Most Energizing Community for Developers

We are looking for Vue.js developers to work with the world's leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers and get supported to do more of what you love. 🌍

Handling Dialogs with Vue Router

By handling the visibility of dialogs with Vue Router you can easily toggle them by navigating to the corresponding URLs. This article shows you how and provides a working code example on GitHub.

Social Media Cards with Vue and Gridsome

With a social media card, it's possible to transform a simple and boring link into an eye-catching message. This tutorial shows you how to create social media cards for Twitter and Slack using Gridsome.

Testing with Jest and Vue.js - Pocket Guide

Setting up tests for an application will always require a similar approach - testing functions, mocking requests, function returns, etc. Be sure to bookmark this great guide to help you set up your tests perfectly each time.

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