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Accessible Form Validation Messages with ARIA and Vue.js

Did you know that the validation errors in your Vue.js forms might not be heard by screenreader users? Learn how to create accessible validation errors with Vue.js and ARIA.

Vue 3: What I'm Most Excited About with Chris Fritz [Youtube]

Vue 3 will be faster, simpler and more explicit. In this video, Vue docs author Chris Fritz discusses the key features he's most excited about in Vue 3 including the removal of reactivity caveats, fragments, and more.

Architect A Large Scale Vue.js Application

Arun Redhu is writing a series of articles on architecting large scale Vue.js applications. In this first article, he explains how to structure the app to be modular, flexible, and scalable.

Using Vue Observable as a Lightweight Alternative To Vuex

Vuex imposes many limitations on how you can change data in your store. Vue Observable, introduced in Vue v2.6, can be a lightweight alternative to state management in small applications.

Quick Vue Tip: Fetching Data

Often you'll need to show data in your Vue component fetched from an API. This article shows you a neat method of reactively loading and displaying API data.

Benchmarking Vuex ORM

In this article, the author sets up some speed tests comparing Vuex ORM with his own solution of vanilla Vuex modules. See the results he gets so you can decide which solution you should be using.

Move Tetris Blocks by Moving Your Body with Nuxt And Tensorflow.js

The author of this article tried to create a human Tetris where users can control Tetris blocks with their own body. See how achieves this by combining Google's Tensor Flow and Nuxt.js.

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