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What’s New in Vuex 3.1.1

Vuex 3.1.1 has been released and adds support for debugging in NativeScript apps, a new minifier, and memory leak fixes. Other cool additions include an ES modules build for direct browser use, and support for the jsDeliver CDN.

Dependency Injection Made Easy for VueJS and Vuex with TypeScript

Dependency injection (DI) brings many benefits to your code including boilerplate reduction and ease of testing. In this article, you'll learn to implement DI easily in a VueJS project using TypeScript and the Inversify Props library.

5 Extremely Easy Ways to Drastically Improve your Vuejs App’s Speed

If you care about the performance of your Vue.js app, try these five optimization tips including using functional components, avoiding anonymous functions in event handlers, and more.

Sharing and Reusing Vue Mixins in the Cloud with

This post demonstrates how to reuse Vue mixins across projects by using Bit, a tool that helps teams easily share and manage code components.

Swipe Gallery Using Vue.js & Tailwind

In this article, you'll learn to create a flexible swipe gallery that works with both touch or mouse controls using Vue.js, TweenMax, and Tailwind.

Creating a Product Configurator with Vue

Product configurator widgets are used to display custom text over t-shirts, mugs, caps, and so on. This article is the first in a series that will show you how to build a product configurator, starting from the sketch and moving to the Vue implementation.

Tips for Unit Testing Vue Components with Jest

Using Jest to unit test Vue.js components can be tricky. This article provides a list of common testing methods to help you successfully unit test your Vue components.

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