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NuxtJS: From Terminal to Browser

When developing JavaScript application with Webpack or any other bundler, you too often need to switch between your browser and terminal for debugging. Nuxt.js author Sebastien Chopin explains how this issue was dealt with in Nuxt.

Vue.js And SEO: How to Optimize Reactive Websites for Search Engines and Bots

Do websites created with reactive frameworks get indexed by Google and other search engines? Is it compulsory to set up pre-rendering, as your SEO consultants suggest? Or are they wrong?

Quick Content Testing using Snapshots in Vue.js

Eduardo San Martín shares a useful tip about how to use snapshot testing in Vue.js the right way and have consistent and coherent tests in your applications.

Reading Client-Side Files for Validation with Vue.js

Folks new to web development may not know that form inputs using file type are read-only. This article will teach you how to correctly read a file using Vue and the File Reader API.

Observable REST API with Vue.js

Learn how to use the new Vue.observable feature from v2.6 to build a reactive REST API service with polling capabilities.

That Shouldn’t Work! Oh, Vue Binds All Methods?

In this article, the author shares some interesting insights into how Vue methods are bound. Check it out and perhaps you'll learn something new about Vue reactivity.

The Fastest Way to Render the DOM

Is the Virtual DOM, Tagged Template Literals, or Fine-Grained Observables the fastest? This article looks at a number of different DOM rendering techniques and benchmarks their performance.

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