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Function-Based Component API (Vue 3 RFC)

The function-based API is one of the most exciting proposals for Vue.js 3. Inspired by React Hooks, the new API presents a clean and flexible way to compose logic inside and between components with few drawbacks.

The Paradox of Abstraction: When Good Code is Bad Code

Abstracting code can make it simpler but can also trick you into believing you're cleverer than you are! Michael Thiessen explains how tiny design flaws in an abstraction can cause a chain of problems in codebases that use it.

Build Decoupled Vue.js Applications with Hooks

While not a silver bullet, hooks are a programming pattern that can make web app code more straightforward. In this article, learn how hooks make it possible to decouple components responsible for handling business logic from optional logic.

Building a Dynamic Tree Diagram with SVG and Vue.js

This article will take you through the author's journey into creating a dynamic tree diagram that uses cubic bezier curve paths and Vue.js for data reactivity.


Snipcart releases v3.0 (in beta)!

Snipcart, an HTML/JS based e-commerce solution, just released its v3.0 (in beta)! Now, we’re looking for great developers to come test it out and tell us what they loved, hated, or questioned with our newest Vue.js based version—totally free of charge.

Task Management Application Using Vue.js

The goal of this article is to help you understand the behind-the-scenes process of designing complex user interfaces and to pick up a few advanced tips such as drag-and-drop interface, form validation, bundle optimization and more.

React Hooks for Vue Developers

Hooks take functional components to the next level without classes, "this", and hardly any boilerplate. This article compares some common Vue patterns to an implementation using React hooks, listing the pros and cons of each.

Building a 0.7KB Reactivity System Similar to Vue

TOAST UI Grid is an independent library that does not rely on other frameworks. Learn how and why they're building their own reactivity system similar to Vue.js for the upcoming version 4 release.


Studio 3T is dev tools for data. Unleash Vue & MongoDB today

Studio 3T gives you full visualisation of your data and all the tools you need to access it, query it, edit it in-place, build aggregations and more. “Studio 3T saves me 10 hours a week,” says Pierre Folens at Orange. Download your free trial.

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