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8 Secrets Vue Developers Must Know

A nice collection of well explained pro Vue tips with examples.

Vue 3.0 Function API Styleguide

Brian Boyko is working on an unofficial guide for developing Vue.js applications with the proposed Vue 3 function API. You can also put it into practice right now with the vue-function-api plugin.

Running Nightwatch E2E Tests with Headless Chrome and Vue CLI 3

If you want to run automated browser tests on a server without a dedicated GUI, you'll need to run Chrome in headless mode. Here's how to do it with the Nightwatch Vue CLI 3 plugin.

3 Anti-Patterns to Avoid in Vue.js

Avoid these traps when building Vue applications that will have negative impacts on performance and long term maintenance.


Snipcart releases v3.0 (in beta)!

Snipcart, an HTML/JS based e-commerce solution, just released its v3.0 (in beta)! Now, we’re looking for great developers to come test it out and tell us what they loved, hated, or questioned with our newest Vue.js based version—totally free of charge.

Lazy Loading and Code Splitting In Vue.js

Keeping your JavaScript bundle small is essential for app performance, especially on mobile. One key to this is code splitting. Learn how to do it with Vue and Webpack in this great guide.

How to Manage Asynchronous Calls More Easily in Vue Apps

If you want to supercharge your app performance, check out this guide to managing async components with the vue-async-manager library which provides features akin to React Suspense.

Vue.js Advanced Reactivity API and Caching Method-style Getters

Learn how and why to cache method-style getter invocations for relational data in Vuex. These principles will also apply to method-style computed properties.


A conference for JS developers with only testing-related talks.

Assert(js) is in its second year and last year's talks are all online. This year's lineup includes a Storybook core developer, a Jest core team member, and several others that you might recognize.

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