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Enable End-to-End Visibility with Datadog

Accelerate development with metrics, traces, logs, and synthetic monitors all within a single platform. Save time creating and maintaining browser tests with Datadog’s automated, AI-driven tests. Try monitoring without the need for Selenium for free.

A Deep Dive in the Vue.js Source Code

Ever wondered how Vue works under the hood? Here's an excellent guided tour of the source code for Vue v2.5.15.

Vuetify 2.0. Released

Vuetify 2.0. "Arcadia" has now officially been released. Creator John Leider has outlined the improvements including an update to the Material Design 2 spec, an improved grid system, conversion from Stylus to Sass, and more.

Building Scalable Vue Apps for Multiple Instances

Often you'll need to provide multiple builds for your Vue app, for example, for different languages or different themes with the same basic structure. Rather than getting stuck in "if/else" hell, learn how you can do this using mixins and dynamic imports.

Vuejs + Golang - A Rare Combination

While Golang with Vue is not a particularly popular combination for building single-page apps, both are really fast at runtime and could be perfect for your next project.

Advanced Vue: Controlling Parent Slots

Is there a way to populate a parent's slot from a child component? It's a thorny Vue architecture problem, but also a very interesting one.

New Awesomeness Coming in Vue.js 3.0 [Podcast]

In this episode of devMode, Vue.js core team member Chris Fritz talks about the awesome new features we can look forward to in Vue.js 3.0, and discusses the misconceptions about the proposed function API.

How to Reduce Your Vue.JS Bundle Size With Webpack

If you are creating production Vue apps you should take the time to evaluate your build size. Learn how to use the webpack-bundle-analyzer to determine what items are consuming the most space, and how to take steps to reduce the size of those items.

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