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The Vueconf.US 2020 Call For Papers is now open!

We would be honored if you, the awesome Vue.js Community, will join us for Vueconf.US 2020 in Austin Texas, USA! Submit your talk(s) and have a chance to take the stage alongside Evan You and the amazing Vue core team.

Comparing React Hooks with Vue Composition API

Vue creator Evan You recently presented the Composition API RFC, a new API for writing Vue components inspired by React Hooks. This post explores the similarities and differences.

A Guide to Component-Driven Development (CDD)

Component-driven development (CDD) means designing your software applications by building loosely-coupled components. The benefits of CDD include faster development, simpler maintenance, better reusability, and easier testing.

BootstrapVue v2.0.0 Released

The recent BootstrapVue version 2 release introduces new features leveraging the capabilities of Vue 2.6. It also includes several bug fixes and deprecations.

Authoring a Tree-Shakeable Library with VueJS + TypeScript

"Tree shaking" describes the automatic removal of unused code to optimize your library for consumers. This post contains detailed instruction on how to publish a tree-shakeable library on NPM using VueJS single-file components and TypeScript.

Lazy Loading Individual Vue Components and Prefetching

In this article, you'll see which types of Vue components can be loaded lazily and, more importantly, how to handle the waiting required for them to download.

Last (Vuex) Action Hero

Do you want your app users to have a seamless experience? In this article, the author shows how to implement a "retry last action" feature in Vuex that allows failed API calls to be retried without disrupting the user.

A Few Handy Vue.js Tricks

Here are five helpful pro-tips to improve your Vue.js code.


How To Get More Out Of MongoDB

Speed through your data with multiple query options in Studio 3T. Generate flawless driver-code in your favorite languages, write and run SQL queries and build powerful aggregations.

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