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Dependency Mocks - A Secret Weapon for Vue Unit Tests

If your Vue single-file components have dependencies, you'll need to handle those dependencies in unit tests. In this article, you'll learn how to mock dependencies in Jest by replacing them in the component's dependency graph.

Understanding Client-Side Routing by Implementing a Router in Vanilla JS

When building a single-page app with Vue, the routing is typically handled by Vue Router. The purpose of this article is to help you gain a better understanding of how client-side routing works by implementing a router from scratch.

Cost-Effective Serverless Nuxt.js

You've probably heard that serverless architectures are highly scalable and cost-effective. In this article, you'll learn how to how to build an HTTPS-enabled serverless Nuxt.js app and deploy it with AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

Easily Build Unique, Accessible, and Lightweight Vue Components

If you're looking for an easy and lightweight way to add accessibility to your Vue components, check out the Vuetensils project.

Make Your Vuex State Flat: State Normalization with Vuex

This article covers best practices for using Vuex including normalizing Vuex state and the problems with deeply nested state.

Vue PWA: A Progressive Web Application Example with Nuxt

Building a Vue progressive web app can have massive benefits for your business. This article offers an in-depth tutorial on building a Vue PWA with Nuxt.

Efficiently Improving on Understanding and Using Nuxt + Vuex

This article is a collection of pro tips and advice on using Vuex effectively with Nuxt.js.

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