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Quasar App CLI 1.1.0 Released

The Quasar App CLI is a powerful dev and a build environment for cross-device application development and distribution. The latest version now fully supports Sass files and will automatically locate components and directives, saving you from manually adding them to the Quasar config file.

Four Ways to Pass Data from Laravel to Vue

Laravel and Vue go together like peanut butter and jelly. One question you'll find yourself asking in every project, though, is "how am I going to pass my data from Laravel to Vue?" This article compares four different methods.

Composing Components in Vue.js

This article presents an interesting approach to component design where you connect several components together to form a new one that combines the functionalities of the smaller components.

Generic Content Vuex Modules

Vuex applications are often burdened by repeated boilerplate code. Learn how to quickly create new generic Vuex modules for typical CRUD applications with factory functions.


Build Stateful Vue.js Apps Effortlessly with FaunaDB

FaunaDB is a serverless database with a native GraphQL API. With fast global access, built-in auth, and no connection overheads, FaunaDB makes it easy to add state to your apps. Get started now with industry’s most generous free data tier!

How to Target the DOM in Vue

A common practice in web development is to target an element in the DOM and to manipulate it in some way. One way to do this with Vue.js is to use the refs feature.

Using Scoped Slots in Vue.js

Scoped slots is an advanced feature of Vue.js that provides component reusability. Scoped slots are like normal slots, but they can receive properties as well. Here's a quick example of how to use them.

Understanding Stateless Components in Vue

If you are not using an external package for state management, it's a good idea to have as few state-based components as possible by using stateless, presentational components with stateful components around them.

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