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15 Must-Have Vue Directives That Will Maximize Your Productivity

Vue directives can add handy features and solve countless issues in your apps. Here's a list of 15 essential directives that are ready for you to use.

When to Unstub a Component in a Vue.js Unit Test

One of the best tools in your Vue unit testing toolbelt is "stubbing" as it allows you to test components in isolation. In this article, the key ideas behind stubbing will be explained and you'll see scenarios where you may need to selectively "unstub" a component.

How to Improve Performance of a Vuex Store

This article discusses how using Object.freeze on data objects before committing them to Vuex can prevent slow Vuex calls being made unnecessarily.

Data Provider Component in Vue.js

Not all Vue.js components need to be UI-based. In fact, effectively applying reusability in large applications can be done using a renderless Data Provider component.


Build Stateful Vue.js Apps Effortlessly with FaunaDB

FaunaDB is a serverless database with a native GraphQL API. With fast global access, built-in auth, and no connection overheads, FaunaDB makes it easy to add state to your apps. Get started now with industry’s most generous free data tier!

Dependency Injection in Vue.js with Functional Component Factories

Learn how to conveniently inject dependencies into Vue.js components via props and a functional wrapper component.

Integrating Dart/Node Sass in Vue.js

Ruby Sass support ended this year (2019). This means you should migrate to either Dart Sass or Node Sass. This article shows you how to do that in new or existing Vue projects.

Dropdowns in Vue: The Right Way

In this article, you'll learn how to implement a dropdown component using Vue.

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