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Vue.js 3 Released (Pre Alpha)

At the recent Vue.js London conference, Vue creator Evan You announced that a pre alpha version 3 of the framework would now be open to the public. While it's incomplete, you can now begin to trial some of the new features including the Composition API.

Vue-Next and Why Maps Solve a Big Problem

While Vue 2 does not support ES2015 collection types, Vue 3 now supports Map, Set, WeakMap and WeakSet. This gives developers the flexibility to make different kinds of data structures reactive, allowing simpler and neater code.

10 Tips & Tricks to Make you a Better Vue.js Developer

Here are 10 Vue.js tips and tricks you may not be aware of to help you write more better and more efficient code.

Write Great Tests for Vuex

After working with Vuex for several years, the author explains the two methods he's used for testing his application's store and which one he's found to be more effective in a growing enterprise application.


Build Stateful Vue.js Apps Effortlessly with FaunaDB

FaunaDB is a serverless database with a native GraphQL API. With fast global access, built-in auth, and no connection overheads, FaunaDB makes it easy to add state to your apps. Get started now with industry’s most generous free data tier!

How to Prevent Browser Refresh, URL Changes, or Route Navigation in Vue

Every once in awhile in Vue, you'll want to prevent the user from navigating away from a route or reloading the page, for example, if they haven't yet completed and submitted a form.

Building Chrome Extensions with Vue.js

Chrome extensions have gained a lot of popularity since they can add functionality previously missing in your browser. Here's a guide to creating extensions with Vue.js.

See You Later, Generator

Generator functions can iterate over a function and safely stop them from executing, allowing you to do interesting things like throttle Vuex actions.


How To Get More Out Of MongoDB

Speed through your data with multiple query options in Studio 3T. Generate flawless driver-code in your favorite languages, write and run SQL queries and build powerful aggregations.

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