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Build A Movie Search App Using the Vue Composition API

An alpha version of Vue 3 has been released, allowing users to test new features including the Composition API. This tutorial showcases the syntax and patterns of the new API by showing you how to use it to build a movie database app.

Forcing Re-Computation of Vue's Computed Properties

Sometimes you want a computed property to re-compute its value because it has a non-reactive dependency. Here's a little trick you can use to force the reactivity system into re-computing values on demand.

Faster Web Applications with Vue 3

In this article, the author will guide you through some of the changes in Vue.js 3 that seem most interesting in terms of their impact and possibilities.

Thought On Vue 3 Composition API - reactive() Considered Harmful

Before using the Composition API in a project, the author of this article thought the `reactive` function would be the most useful but has since found that `ref` is generally preferable. Find out why.


Build Stateful Vue.js Apps Effortlessly with FaunaDB

FaunaDB is a serverless database with a native GraphQL API. With fast global access, built-in auth, and no connection overheads, FaunaDB makes it easy to add state to your apps. Get started now with industry’s most generous free data tier!

Popup Overlays With Vue Router And Portal Vue

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create popup dialogs that have a URL using Portal Vue and Vue Router.

Vue CLI 4 Released

Vue CLI 4 has been released. This major version bump is focused on necessary version bumps of underlying tools, better default setups, and other fine-tunings required for long-term maintenance.

Vue,js Object Updating Inside Vuex Array

The goal of this article is to discuss the proper way to update an object inside an array using mutations and actions.

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