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The Node.js Security Handbook

The Node.js security handbook is a compilation of actionable best practices that help you protect your Node.js backend applications. Download the checklist for tips on monitoring, infrastructure, protection, and more!

When To Use The New Vue Composition API (And When Not To)

The new Vue 3 composition API was created to address scaling issues with the options API. But is it still useful in smaller apps? In this article, I'll give you my thoughts and share a guiding principle that you may find useful.

Vue 3 with TypeScript - Options API vs Composition API

In this article, we'll convert a Vue.js component built using regular JavaScript and the options API to use TypeScript and the new Composition API. On the way, we'll see some of the differences, and potential benefits.

Binding CSS Variables in Vue

To make components more flexible and dynamic we can bind CSS variables to the style attribute of an element. Here's how it works with Vue and why you might reach for this pattern.

Guide to Unit Testing Vue Components

New to Vue unit testing? Check out this thorough guide which explains why and what to test in a Vue.js application.

Vue 3 Composition API: Ref vs Reactive

One question I keep hearing over and over is - what method should I use to declare reactive data in the Vue 3 Composition API? In this article, we'll learn what ref() and reactive() are and try to answer that question.

Reactivity: Vue 2 vs Vue 3

Vue 3's reactivity system leverage new possibilities provided by ES2015. For Vue users, how does this compare to the way reactivity was done in Vue 2?

Vue.js Typescript Best Practices

This article was written by the author to help him and his colleagues to remember the best practices for writing clean and readable code using Vue and TypeScript.


Get More out of MongoDB by Downloading Studio 3T

Whether you’re new to MongoDB or a pro, Studio 3T will make you more productive with features like query autocomplete, the ability to write SQL to query MongoDB, automatic code generation, and more.

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