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CoreUI PRO for Vue.js with -15% Discount This Week

CoreUI for Vue.js is a UI Component Library and Admin Template that offers a bunch of cross-browser, responsive and lightweight Vue.js UI components. To celebrate the version 3 release, we’re offering a 15% discount on our PRO plans and subscriptions.

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Vue.js: The Documentary [video]

With the help of the Vue.js community, Evan You tells the story of how he fought against the odds to bring Vue.js to life in this video documentary.

Extending Vue Component Templates

Vue provides a way of extracting and reusing the state and logic of a component, but the template is deemed single-use only. In this article, I'll show you a hack for extending templates using HTML pre-processing.

Recreating Vue 3 Reactivity API

This article will help you gain insights about how Vue's reactivity system works by recreating it from the ground up.

Migrating React Components to Vue.js

This post shares the journey Nexmo went through to migrate their developer platform from React to Vue.js. It goes through the reasons behind the change, how they did it, and a few lessons they learned along the way.

Data Fetching using Vue Hooks

Learn about data fetching using the Vue composition API, and see how to incorporate swrv, a stale-while-revalidate data fetching library.

Vue Composition API as a State Management

The new functions provided by the Composition API give users more flexible access to Vue's reactivity system. This can be used to create a basic state management store as shown in this article.

Vue 3 Alpha 5 Has Been Released

Vue 3 alpha 5 has been released providing basic server-side rendering support. A new `createSSRApp` API has been provided to ensure hydration logic is tree-shakeable for apps that do not require it.

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