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Vue 3: Smaller, Faster & Stronger [video]

This presentation covers some of the new and exciting features coming to Vue 3 including global API changes, tree-shaking, fragments, composition API, and more.

How to use Vuex Mappers Inside Vue Composition API

If you're considering abandoning Vuex in favor of the composition API, perhaps read this article first to learn about the pros and cons and key patterns to use.

Advanced Vue.js Component Patterns

Looking to make a scalable Vue.js app? Be aware of these key component composition patterns including functional components, dynamic components, async components, renderless components, and higher-order components.

Vue 3 Composition API - Do You Really Need It?

Whether or not you start using the new Composition API in your apps will depend on what you want to achieve. This article explains how the API is useful in larger apps with many components where code reuse is necessary.

Writing a Vue Component Using TDD: A Gentle Introduction

In this tutorial, we'll learn the basic concepts of Test-Driven Development (TDD) by building a simple Vue component with TypeScript and Jest.

How to Make and Receive Phone Calls with Nuxt.js

Learn how to make and receive phone calls using Node.js, Nuxt, and the Nexmo Voice API.

Vue.js 3.0.0-alpha.8 Released

The alpha 8 version of Vue 3 has been released including bug fixes and several new features.


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