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Build An App with New Features of Vue 3

Vue 3 hasn't been officially released yet, but we can experiment with pre-release versions. In this article, I'll walk you through the creation of a simple app highlighting some of the new features.

Vuex 4 Alpha Released

Vuex 4 alpha has been released. The focus of this release is compatibility with Vue 3, so it provides the exact same API as Vuex 3 allowing you to reuse existing code.

Fixing Memory Leaks in Web Applications

A poorly-coded SPA can easily eat up megabytes or even gigabytes of memory. This post covers the author's experience fixing memory leaks in web apps and provides examples of how to effectively track them down.

Building a Vue 3 Component with TypeScript

The new version of Vue will bring with it an avalanche of enhancements and improvements including better TypeScript support. See how to create more robust component code with Vue 3 using TypeScript.


Using Vue.js with Node.js?

The Node.js security handbook is a compilation of actionable best practices that help you protect your Node.js backend applications. Download the checklist for tips on monitoring, infrastructure, protection, and more.

Reveal Hidden Capabilities of Nuxt Router

Nuxt automatically generates vue-router configuration based on files in your pages directory. This article explains what to do when you need more refined control of your routes.

Bringing a Teenaged Website into the Modern World of SPA

This article is about the migration of the OkCupid website to a modern SPA. It's a great insight into the arduous process of migrating a mature application with millions of users and heaps of poorly-understood code.

Why Svelte is Our Choice for a Large Web Project in 2020

Svelte is a SPA framework that is increasing in popularity. Learn how its compiler architecture makes it a great choice for enhancing both user and developer experience.

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