Advanced Vue 2 - Vuex & SSR

Become a Vue.js expert by learning to build a high-performing, server-rendered app with Vuex!

Are you ready to become a Vue expert?

Now that you're comfortable building Vue.js SPAs after completing my previous course, Single-Page Apps with Vue 2 & Vue Router, you're ready for Vue's advanced concepts!

In this course, I'll show you the tools and techniques that front-end experts use to build highly optimized, high performing web UI. Firstly, we'll cover the Vuex state management pattern, which is a special method for storing data in your app that's essential for bigger and more complex sites.

We'll then set up server-side rendering (SSR) from scratch. This is where we compile our app on the Node.js server in order to drastically improve page load time.

The case-study project for this course is our most ambitious yet; a Google Calendar clone called Vue.js Cinema that utilizes Vuex, SSR and a host of other optimizations.

Vue.js Calendar - Live demo

With over 6000 past students, this course is ideal for students of my previous course, Single-Page Apps with Vue 2 & Vue Router, who are ready to attain Vue expertise. It'll also be appropriate for Vue developers who are already familiar with components and single-page app design.

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