Build Your First Vue.js App

Get started with Vue 3 by learning the basic features and building a real Vue app!

This course has now been updated to Vue 3!

Vue.js is the hottest JavaScript framework right now and demand for Vue developers is quickly growing among employers.

Now is the time to start learning!

Join me in this course as I teach you the basic concepts of Vue, including:

  • Installing Vue
  • Adding Vue to a web page
  • Template syntax (interpolations, directives etc)
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Transitions
  • Computed properties

And more!

The best way to learn is by doing, so we'll put this theory into practice and build a simple but powerful eCommerce user interface complete with products and a shopping cart called Vue.js Poster Shop.

Vue.js Poster Shop - Live demo

With over 6000 past students, Build Your First Vue.js App is ideal for both junior and senior web developers looking to get started with Vue.js.

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